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How Machine Learning Can Be Used for Boosting Ecommerce KPIs

With the strategic goal to fully personalize its offer and help their shoppers to discover products they desire in an efficient way Design Group felt it was necessary to ‘step up’ the personalization game and chose Recombee to deliver a complex recommendation solution tailored to their needs.

+52 %
Number of Purchases


  • +10.000 Products.
  • Great focus on shopper experience.
  • Need to personalize Mooding’s product offer.


  • Recognize preferences of individual users.
  • Balance personalization and discovery of inspiring products.
  • Find similar products.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.


  • Automatic personalized recommendations applied to product view (Also See and Other Interesting Products sections) as well as shopping cart (Others Have Also Bought section).
  • Model for every single user with real-time updates.
  • Automated feature engineering.

Benefits & Results

  • 52% increase in number of purchases since the implementation of Recombee solution.
  • Increasing relevancy of recommendations for individual store visitors.
  • Savings in shop’s employees’ time previously spent on continuous manual product selection.
  • Savings in money of spent on manual content selection.
  • Positive impact on shopper experience.


Product Page

Recombee applied to Also see and Other interesting products sections.

Shopping Cart

Recombee applied to You have just seen and Others have also bought sections.

“We have been looking all over for a flexible and powerful recommendation engine for our ecommerce sites. It has been really difficult to find a solution that could integrate many different data sources and be 100% customizable, but with Recombee we get this. Recombee has fundamentally changed how we are serving recommendations and has really helped us grow. In addition to this, they have great customer support and are always ready to help.“

Nicholas Blicker Larsen
CEO, Design Group
Design Group

About Design Group

Design Group is Danish retailer, encompassing leading online stores focusing on designers’ products (, While is online furniture store headquartered in Denmark, offering wide selection (+ 10.000 items) of interior design products from Danish as well as international brands, successfully offers designers graphics and paintings.

Both sites operate with one common goal, which is “to offer their clients a wide and inspiring design universe, so they can pick the designs that create mood, identity and expression of their homes.”

Moodings, with one of the widest range of interior design in the market, aims to “unite the small designer store and the giant department store on one and the same platform and give the best shopping experience every time shoppers visit their universe”.