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Hi-Tech Email Product Recommendations For itison

itison is a leading events and deals website offering their users unparalleled savings on their favorite activities. Recombee has provided itison with a AI-powered recommendation solution for weekly emailing to personalize each individual’s experience and appeal to their interests.

ROI From Newsletter Personalization


  • (+) 4500 Business Partners.
  • Audience of 1.2 Million Subscribers.
  • Need to utilize data to conduct mass marketing campaigns.


  • Need to understanding the machine learning aspect of an online platform
  • Capable of personalizing weekly deals and event news to subscribers.
  • Real-time response in large traffic.
  • The email recommendations must provide hyper-personalized offers for each subscriber to spark their interest.


  • Recombees solution for itison was creating batch recommendations for weekly emailing campaigns.
  • An ensemble of collaborative filtering and content-based models were implemented to achieve the optimal click through rate.
  • Real-time model updates under continuous new data inflow will ensure the newest available data are being taken into account when generating emails.

Benefits & Results

  • After partnering with Recombee, itison experienced a positive 20-fold (2 000%) return on investment.
  • The personalized recommendation emails are creating better experiences for the subscribers and itison. E-commerce conversion rate is 25% higher than before.
  • Weekly personalized emails are being sent to itison’s subscribers, leading to about a 20% increase in traffic.
  • Implementation of Recombee’s recommendations led to a 25% increase in e-commerce conversion rate.


Scenario Example

The email recommendations are providing hyper-personalized offers for each subscriber to spark their interest.

The model optimization capabilities of Recombee’s recommender solution lead to an increase in conversion rates and improve user experience.

“The recommendation powered email outperforms a good number of our editorial emails and it does so consistently. Thanks to Recombee’s recommendation service applied to our personalized emailing we have increased the e-commerce conversion rates by 25%, achieving 2,000% ROI. We are very excited about that.”

Gavin Montague
Head of Development, itison

About itison

itison is one of the largest deals and events management websites in Scotland. Building on 15 years of experience in the market, itison offers diverse and exciting daily deals and event invitations throughout Scotland and Northern England. Some of these deals include a sight-seeing flight, an award-winning 8 course meal, or 3 nights in a luxury hotel.

itison partners with over 4,500 quality businesses to provide an audience of over 1.2M subscribers with the best places and deals in their city through recommendations from the itison experts.

itison is responsible for some of the UK’s most successful marketing campaigns. They have created and sold out major events, while conducting global media campaigns.