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Increasing Click-Outs by 21% for Pepper - The World's Largest Shopping Community

Pepper is the world's largest social shopping community with more than 25 million shoppers sharing deals and tips.

To provide its shoppers with the most relevant and diverse deals, Pepper has focused on continuously improving its product recommendations.

The integration of Recombee's AI-driven product recommendations successfully established a personalized user experience in real-time across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and web) in different countries. This enhancement resulted in a significant increase in click-outs and user satisfaction, outperforming the existing in-house recommendation engine.

to affiliate links from website
to affiliate links from mobile apps


  • Advanced in-house recommendation solution
  • Over 25 million shoppers and 500 million page views per month
  • 10 countries and a rapidly changing inventory
  • Mobile application available for iOS and Android


  • Increase click-outs to affiliate links while keeping shoppers happy with recommendations
  • Easily manage and configure recommendations in each country from one place
  • Real-time personalized home page feed for every user
  • A solution that can replace the current Home Infinite Feed under high traffic and minimal response time
  • Provide shoppers with the most relevant products while also ensuring they have the opportunity to discover additional items within the platform
  • The ability to promote the offers of specific affiliate partners


Personalized recommendation section “For you” on the home page.

Smooth shopping experience with infinite scrolling recommendations.

Cross-device recommendations (iOS, Android, website).

A complex and diverse ensemble of incrementally trained recommendation models that help shoppers discover new and relevant offers:

  • Collaborative filtering models
  • Popularity-based models
  • Reinforcement learning and contextual bandit models

Personalized Infinite Scroll

With a fast-changing inventory and user-generated content, Pepper used Recombee's Infinite Scroll to create an endless feed of offers, which is especially important for a mobile application.

As users reach the bottom of the page, new personalized offers are automatically loaded in real-time, eliminating the need to click through to different pages or even churn from the app.

Benefits & Results

  • +21% in click-outs to affiliate links from the website.
  • +6% in click-outs to affiliate links from mobile apps.
  • Significantly improved user experience based on the feedback from users.
  • Real-time personalization for each individual user.
  • One place for easy management and configuration of recommendations across all Pepper platforms.


For you

As a marketplace promoting 3rd party products, Pepper is heavily focused on providing its users with relevant offers via a personalized home page section tailored to their individual preferences based on what the user purchased or clicked on previously.

In this scenario, a combination of collaborative filtering models with popularity-based models and contextual bandit models is used to show the users the hottest and most relevant offers every time they open the app or visit the website.

“It is a real pleasure collaborating with Recombee. Their problem-solving skills have proven invaluable, helping us overcome various business challenges while allowing us to consistently increase our click-outs and deliver a better user experience. Thanks to their solution we've seen our click-outs increase by up to 21%. They have become a trusted partner I can highly recommend.“

Heike Guertler
Heike Guertler
Head of Product at Pepper

About Pepper

Pepper is the world's largest social commerce site with the largest shopping community of over 25 million shoppers per month, 500 million page views and 12,000 purchase decisions per minute.

The company operates in 10 countries across the Americas and Europe. It consists of several market leading platforms including Hotukdeals in the UK, Dealabs in France, Mydealz in Germany, Promodescuentos in Mexico and others.

By empowering its buyers to post, vote and engage, Pepper is transforming shopping into an interactive experience and shaping the future of online marketplaces.

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