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Real-Time Product Recommendations for the Vintage Gems Marketplace

Reliving encourages people to live by sustainability principles, offering a wide range of curated second-hand interior design pieces.

The marketplace strives to become the #1 player in Europe for high-quality, affordable vintage furniture.

Recombee's AI product recommendations allowed Reliving to personalize the unique shopping experience for their customers while increasing place bids, cart additions and thus the ROI.

In Place Bid
In Add to Cart


  • The steady growth of both the user base and products available on the platform.
  • Frequently changing catalog with one-time purchases.
  • A big part of traffic driven directly to the product detail pages from search engines.


  • Personalize the customer experience by helping each user find what they are looking for.
  • Easy setup and implementation of the solution.
  • Possibility to influence the recommendations to prefer specific products over the others.


  • “Maybe You Also Like” section on the product detail page.
  • Default model ensemble continuously optimized by AI to automatically adapts to incoming data.
  • Custom-made business rules to boost specific labels.

Benefits & Results

  • 37% increase in the “Place Bid” supporting the healthy competition between visitors to purchase a specific product.
  • 6% increase in “Add to cart” which is the equivalent of a conversion.
  • Plans to deploy Recombee on more places over the website in the future.


Maybe You Also Like

When you are looking at specific products on the Reliving website, you are also getting a list of similar items, helping you find the right design piece for your interior.

This is achieved thanks to the boosting rule and ensemble of content-based and collaborative filtering models included in the recombee:default logic.

“Instead of the lengthy and costly process of building an in-house personalization machine, we seamlessly implemented Recombee's AI-powered recommender engine to improve our services. Applying their e-commerce tailored scenarios, we have registered steady improvements ever since, with a 6% increase in 'Add to Cart' and a 37% increase in 'Place Bid'. Thanks to their easy and intuitive integration, Recombee was an obvious choice from the range of personalization solutions.”

Vincent van Leeuwen
Co-Founder & CTO/CPO at Reliving

About Reliving

Reliving was founded in 2019 with the vision to become the first place where you look when in search of an interior design piece.

The platform advocates an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional furniture sales, providing beautiful, quality items that are already out there.

The ultimate goal? Pursuit of a world where fast furniture disappears and furniture has a longer lifecycle.

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