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Boosting Lingerie & Swimwear Sales by 10% with AI Personalization

Triola is a Czech producer of several lines of bras and swimwear designed for women of all shapes and sizes, with attention to functionality and comfort.

With their large catalog of products in multiple styles and fits, Triola discovered their visitors were struggling to find the desired items which lead to high bounce rates.

In collaboration with partner Targito, Recombee was applied to help shoppers find the right product in the right style and size as quickly as possible. By improving the user experience, Triola increased 10% in shopping cart volume and achieved a stunning cost-revenue ratio of 3.7%.

Total Orders from Recommendations
In Average Order Value
Cost-Revenue Ratio


  • Triola offers a vast catalog of lingerie and swimwear featuring various sizes, styles, and fits.
  • Shoppers often struggled to find the right product.
  • Triola was experiencing high bounce rates with new and returning customers.
  • Typical customers had only one or two favorite styles from an entire pool of options.
  • Triola’s goal was to provide the best possible user experience to each shopper.


  • Personalization strategy based on user behavior insights and product attributes.
  • Leverage user data from both physical stores and online behavior to provide tailored recommendations.
  • Showcases relevant products to each shopper, including the shopper's favorite style and fit.
  • Real-time response to new users to ensure all users receive personalized journeys from the start.


Personalized homepage, detail page, shopping cart, search, and emailing.

Solution considering data collected in physical stores.

High emphasis on recommending the right fit for each shopper.

Search results optimized based on the user’s behavior and product attributes.

Targito + Recombee Solution for Triola

Targito’s clients enjoy a simplified method of integration.

The user’s interactions and attributes are seamlessly sent from Targito to Recombee providing a quick and easy integration.

Benefits & Results

  • 10% of total orders from recommendations.
  • +10% in average order value
  • The Cost-revenue ratio of 3.7%
  • Rise in shoppers’ satisfaction; decreased bounce rate, longer shopping sessions, and larger volume of frequently returning customers.
  • Guarantee future purchased products will be a good fit to help Triola create a foundation of loyal and returning customers.

Targito + Recombee Solution for Triola

Targito’s clients enjoy a simplified method of integration.

The user’s interactions and attributes are seamlessly sent from Targito to Recombee providing a quick and easy integration.

Recombee + Targito

“At Targito, our priority is to maximize campaign performance, especially conversion, for our clients with as little effort as possible. Thanks to the already resolved integration of the Recombee solution, we were able to offer visitors a wider and, at the same time, better-targeted range of products on our Triola website. This approach did not require any major modifications on Triola's part, which would have implied a large investment, both time and money.

We connected everything through our Targito data platform, which Triola has been using for a long time. Previously, Targito was only used for sophisticated sending of email campaigns and automation with overlap into social networks. Thanks to Recombee and Targito's partnership, the connection is very simple, and we can use data from multiple sources. The result is the addition of another highly profitable channel to the ecosystem of personalized campaigns.”

Pavel Šolc
Pavel Šolc
Business Development Manager at Targito

AI-Powered Product Recommendations
& Improve Customer Conversion Funnel



Personalized Search

The “personalized search” scenario employs a combination of a search engine and a recommender system.

Leveraging Recombee's personalized logic, Triola places the right product selection in front of the right user based on the user’s interaction and metadata.

Category Sorting

Automatic set-up of items on the bras and swimming suit main pages to provide a seamless shopping experience.

Similar products to previously purchased items are displayed on the top of the page, making it easier for shoppers to find items that match their style and fit preferences.

Relevant Products

The scenario is found on the product detail page and uses a unique ensemble of image and text processing models to recommend products that are similar or may be bought together with the currently viewed one.

You May Also Like

The “You May Also Like” scenario is commonly used for Cross-selling and utilizes an automatically AI optimized ensemble of both content-based and collaborative filtering models.

The complementary products prompt shoppers to make more purchases, e.g. by recommending matching underwear to the given bra.

“At Triola, we faced the challenge of optimizing the user experience on our website, given our extensive catalog of products of numerous shapes and sizes. Knowing our customers typically don't use filters to find what they are looking for, our goal was to guide them by showcasing on the homepage the items they previously bought and suggesting similar products.

That's why we decided to work with Recombee, and the results have been outstanding. The company has witnessed a 10% increase in total orders from recommendations, a 10% increase in average order value, and an overall cost-revenue ratio of 3.7%.”

Lenka Sobotková
Lenka Sobotková
E-commerce Manager at Triola

About Targito

Targito is one of the largest email marketing technologies and services providers in the CEE region, setting the direction of email marketing for the last decade.

The company is working to bring simplicity, connectivity, and efficiency to the hectic data-driven world.

In addition to advanced email campaign automation and personalization in creating, distributing, and evaluating e-newsletters, the platform offers integration of all online communication with customers.

Targito clients are composing of E-commerce platforms and together with Recombee provide personalized experience since 2021.

Targito’s clients include: Zoot, Karcher, Bonami and 100+ E-commerce companies.


About Triola

Triola is a Czech producer of lingerie and swimwear with more than 100 years of tradition. With its emphasis on the quality of materials and customer needs, the brand translates years of experience into modern production processes and fashionable design.

Triola is one of the few companies in the Czech and Slovak markets to offer several lines of bras and swimwear for women of various shapes, with a wide range of sizes and attention to functionality and comfort.

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