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Enhance Your Marketplace Experience

Unlock the full potential of your marketplace. Boost loyalty and satisfaction among your users integrating a cutting-edge recommendation engine.

P2P Marketplaces

Use Cases

Fully Personalized Homepage

Automate and tailor all your homepage rows 1:1 for each user.

Similar Offers

Showcase users alternative choices for a specific offer.

More From This Advertiser

Personalize the selection of the advertiser's top offers for individual users.

Faceted Search & Category Browsing

Show offers based on individual search criteria like category, condition, location, or any other specifics from your catalog.

Personalized Emailing

Deliver users a personalized showcase of relevant offers based on their browsing and purchase history.

Why Recombee

Recommend New Listings Instantly

Immediately offer newly created listings to the right users thanks to real-time model training.

Utilize User-Generated Content

Understand unstructured data using cutting-edge image-processing algorithms and natural language models.

Leverage Live Behavioral Patterns

Improve quality of recommendations using real-time collaborative filtering.

Upload Large Catalog of Listings Without Constraints

Rely on horizontally scalable technology with high availability and process hundred millions of items.

Promote Nearby Offers Within the User’s Location

Utilize best-in-class geographic functions and recommend personalized ads within the shopper’s area.

Make Sure Every Seller is Seen

Balance users' attention across different offers, as they can only be bought once.

Increase Conversions and Retention by Delivering a Personalized Experience

Recombee offers a unique solution that ensures the growth of your P2P marketplace. Buyers benefit from finding items specific to their needs, sellers gain better discoverability of their offers, and you also receive additional revenue from programmatic ads (such as Google AdSense) through higher CTR and boosted user loyalty.

Recombee leverages an ensemble of models specifically tuned for P2P marketplaces, featuring deep learning models that process user-generated content such as images and (mostly unstructured) descriptions, as well as collaborative-filtering models tailored to work on typically very sparse interaction data (due to the uniqueness of each offer).

This ensemble of models swiftly adapts to the fast-changing catalog typical of classified marketplaces, allowing freshly added ads to be immediately recommended. The recommender engine also accounts for the fact that each offer can typically be purchased only once, maximizing the total number of purchased offers by balancing them among users.

Our advanced recommender gives you complete control. Using our user-friendly Admin UI, you can easily decide what gets recommended and where it appears. For example, prefer ads in the user’s area or premium offers.

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Core Technology

Adapting to your data

Adapting to your data

A robust system that can utilize all data available to generate great recommendations for your users, including collaborative filtering and content-based models.

Dynamically Retrained Models

Dynamically Retrained Models

Real-time content personalization to suit the flourishing customer’s tastes and adaptation of fast-changing user-generated content.

Specific Functionalities for Marketplaces

Specific Functionalities for Marketplaces

Image processing to analyze items using pictures and NLP to analyze ads’ attributes from the text descriptions.

AI-powered A/B Testing

AI-powered A/B Testing

In-house AutoML AI applied to keep maximal KPIs and advance the deep learning algorithm functions.

Advanced Business Rules

Advanced Business Rules

Boosters or filters to push forward desired listings and easy to manipulate, adjustable rules for additional optimization of your content.

Real AI Inside

Real AI Inside

Reinforcement learning and collaborative filtering to recommend personalized ads or listings based on historical on-site behavior.

"Our developers love Recombee documentation as well as quick and valuable technical support. We see Recombee’s “recommendationsToUser“ algorithm as a great option to start offering a personalized experience on our site."

Marco Alvarez
Product Manager at Segundamano